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At MilBlog Media we started this site to arm MilBloggers with proven tactics and techniques, enabling them to expand their reach, influence and ultimately their income.

We encourage bloggers to be smart entrepreneurs and to seek opportunities that provide compensation for their endeavors.  Heck, we earn decent profits from our network of sites.

Now, don’t get me wrong transparency is important and also mandated by Uncle Sam. So to avoid any potential confusion and to comply with the FTC Endorsement Guide, consider this to be our “affiliate” and “earnings” disclaimer.

If you didn’t know, you are visiting; therefore you understand and accept the following terms:

Occasionally, the content published on MilBlogging will contain affiliate or referral links to related products and services that we personally trust, use in our business and our comfortable recommending to you, are readers.

Now if you decide to purchase a product or service found from our link, we may earn a small commission from the vendor. This commission is at no additional cost to you.

Sometimes the commission is a couple of dollars; other times it may be a little more.

Please understand this, the referral doesn’t cost you a dime! The entire commission comes from the vendor.

Now, it goes without saying that we’ll never recommend a product simply because it pays a commission.